Quo Vadis?

Quo vadis? Quo Vadis: Where are you going? The question asked by the risen Jesus of Peter as the future rock scuttled away from Rome along the Appian Way. Jesus was heading to Rome to be re-crucified at which point Peter decided to turn about and take up permanent residence on Vatican Hill. In February …

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Shabby Chic

Reminiscing about Music Hall entertainment at Winton’s Music Hall in Grace’s Alley. Plus one an ex-Prime Minister!

A Ripping Yarn

Ripping Yarn A few months ago I was one of the last of the “London Weekenders” on the Robert Elms Saturday Show. One of the questions was about experiences with food and drink. I thought hard; How could I link this to tour guiding? Well it was more about getting out of a difficult situation, …

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