Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know.

Do I need to book ahead?

To book your place on a walk, please visit our contact page or Eventbrite. Just leave us your name, email address and indicate the walk you wish to undertake then turn up, meet either Clive or Kevin and start stepping.

How many people equal a walk?

We want you to get maximum enjoyment on our walks so we place a limit of 25 per walk.

How much does a walk cost?

We are really excited to see you and by what we can share with you. Most walks vary between £8-10 per person [virtual tours are donation only] however, if you enjoy the walks please consider leaving an optional gratuity – whatever you think the tour has been worth.

How will I recognize Clive or Kevin?

You will find either of us standing outside the designated tube station wearing a rather fetching yellow high viz Real London Walks jacket and/ or nifty lanyard. The important thing is just walk up and say hi.

What is the difference between arrival and departure time?

The arrival time is when you say hi to us– usually the time listed on the website. We love to spend a few minutes meeting our guests and getting to know them. We aim to get the walking tour underway around 15 minutes later.

However, as a courtesy to our guests the walks start right on the departure time.

How long do Real London Walk tours last?

On average somewhere between 90 minutes to  2 hours so you can plan the rest of your day accordingly.

How much of a walker do I need to be?

Our walking tours are not route marches!

Yes our walks are good exercise to get in those daily steps but we gauge the group and move with respect to the slowest member, which is usually Clive or Kevin!

What if I need to spend a penny?

Where possible we start our walks at places offering toilets and end somewhere to go to freshen up. During the walk, if desperation strikes, tell us sooner rather than later, we know some secret places, to all our relief.

Do you really go out and about in the worst of weather?

Come rain, come shine, come snow or… something else – yes, we do.

Can I take photographs?

Please do as you are sightseeing but don’t get left behind by the group. Feel free to share you pictures with us, we would love to see them. If you want to share them on instagram please tag them @reallondonwalks.

Is there a suggested tip for Clive and Kevin?

Not at all but gratuities are most welcome. Most of you are generous and we thank you for that.

How can I contact Real London Walks?

You can find our details on the contact page on the website. Drop us a line and we will get back to you.

What about wheelchair accessibility?

Most of our walks will have hindrances to wheelchair accessibility such as cobblestones or new building construction. However, with a knack for problem solving, we should be able to make most of the walk possible for wheelchair users.

Am I in a safe environment?

We will always make you aware of any health & safety precautions necessary and Clive and Kevin operate with appropriate tour guides liability insurance. Just a reminder, please walk responsibly. You can read our latest risk assessment here.