West Smithfield Stroll London Walking Tour

West Smithfield – originally without, but now within.

About the West Smithfield London Walking Tour

A quick saunter along Cowcross and through the Cathedral to meat.

We are going to explore Smoothfield , Sedfield , Smithfield – about 900 years of History in West Smithfield to be precise.

Let us take a stroll around the West Smithfield rotunda taking in Jones , Askew , Rahere , Rogers , Tyler , Lopez , Wallace and many more.

Find out about the oldest parish church, a 900 year old Hospital and Livery companies.

We will also answer the question of what have the Worshipful Company of Butchers been doing since 1343?

Key facts about this tour

Start time:11:00 am
Expected end time:13:00 pm (1pm)
Leaving from:Farringdon Station, Cowcross exit
Ending at:Rotunda West Smithfield
Estimated walking distance:1 mile

What to expect on this walking tour

This walking tour is 120 minutes long. You will walk approximately one mile and see hundreds of years of history.

Once you have experienced your tour you will be able to say you have seen:

  • St Bartholomew the Great
  • Hogarth stairs
  • Sir William Wallace memorial
  • First terminus
  • And so much more!

Tour location map

Things to do after your tour

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