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It’s all about the Botanicals!

I have been on a few walking tours in London and elsewhere, and this was definitely
my favourite! We were given plenty of interesting and eye-opening facts about the history of Gin in London, a real must for any history or Gin lovers. The tasting at the end was the icing on the cake! Really good fun, I can highly recommend!

Colleen Brosnan

The history of gin is inextricably linked to the history of the City of London.

Real London Walks has conducted in depth research and discovered fascinating stories about how gin has impacted on London society, throughout the ages. You will hear these stories and learn about the history of gin on a unique walking tour, around the City of London. The walk ends in the stylish Holborn Viaduct Tavern where you can taste a range of gin creations.


The walk will take you to different sites where events can be directly linked to the drinking of gin. You will also discover how gins reputation of being a route to oblivion for the underclasses beng transformed into the fashionable drink of choice of today.

This is the 2nd tour we have done with Real London Walks. We started with the Jack the Ripper tour with the staff followed by a quiz. The staff feedback was excellent and much better than just going for a meal or a drink.The gin tour was an upbeat walk followed by tasting and created a positive atmosphere with some of our recommended partners including other accountants and solicitors.For both walks, Clive presented well in a entertaining and knowledgeable fashion giving us excellent insight into the historical angles of Jack the Ripper and the history of gin.

Keith Lesser


No dutch courage required contact Real London Walks and book your place on a gin tour today. An excellent package for a group of friends or corporate event. As Thomas Hood so eloquently put it in 1802, “Gin , Gin, a drop of gin , the dram of Satan, the drink of sin!”. From medicinal origins to mothers ruin including tasters and discounts on purchases.

Factoid – In 1751 William Hogarth created the prints Gin Lane and Beer Street. Designed to be viewed side by side, Gin Lane depicts the ruin caused by Gin compared to the merits of drinking beer by the honest labourer.

Group and individual bookings are welcome.

You will

Learn about the perception of the gin drinker throughout the ages

Marvel at the opulence of the gin palaces.

See with different eyes significant historical London features that are in everyday view

Taste a variety of gins and gain an insight into how they are different


Led by Clive, Kevin or both, the walking tour around the City of London lasts about an hour, and then you will have a reserved table at the Viaduct Tavern to enjoy a flights of gin.  After the gin tour, you can enjoy spending the rest of the time in the bar area.

To find out more or to reserve your place on the tour contact Real London Walks:

Our gin package includes:

  • Flexible times to meet your groups preferred time
  • Gin tastings
  • 45 minute walking tour [approximately]


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