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Virtual Tour – London secrets around the Tower Gateway to Island Gardens DLR

Historic secrets around the DLR route Thames Gateway to Island Gardens

Who was the Devil’s architect?

Where can you spot fearsome dragons?

Where can you see through Canaletto’s eyes?

The Docklands Light Railway is fantastic, allowing you to sit at the front and pretend you are the driver. Our virtual journey takes us through some wonders of the loop of the EastEnders opening titles. From the Norman Tower to World War 1 , from Victorian engineering to an Eighteenth century canvas said to be Pepys favourite view. It may not arrive in chronological order, but all aboard the DLR, to make sense of it all:

Factoid – Opened 1987 the Queen rode an inaugural service on this very route. And yes she also “drove” the train

Virtual Tour – Revealing the Beasts of the City of London walking tour

It’s hard to imagine the City of London was heaving with animals, animals big and small but always fascinating!

Where can you see a very fine cat indeed?

Where was the last wolf in the City killed?

Who are Doller, Yen and Sterling?

Our virtual tour will remind us of the menagerie of beasts that once lived amongst Londoners and if we know where to look have not actually abandoned us. This enthralling tour shows what can be seen for free without entering a single building

.Factoid – The Medieval city was defined by horses, the overhanging height of the balconies was determined by the height of man on a horse as ordered by the first Lord Mayor Henry Fitz-Ailwyn

Virtual Ttour – Bridges and Brunel on the Thames

Our virtual tour will take us under a famously ugly bridge, a clever bridge and a swaying bridge to the place of a monster of the sea.

Which bridge was originally the William Pitt the Elder Bridge?

Where was a Leviathan Launched?

Which Bridge was known to be famously ugly on it’s opening in 1864?

One bridging point created London, the single London Bridge; gateway to what became the City of London. Crossing Tamesis became imperative: and what of the Brunel family? This exciting virtual voyage will enlighten and entertain you. So remember to slightly wobble your chair to get that authentic nautical experience.

Factoid – Horace Jones the Architect responsible for the iconic Tower Bridge also designed the ‘cathedral of meat’ otherwise known as Smithfield Market.

Virtual Tour – Tudor Turmoil

Years of living dangerously 1520 – 1558

Once upon a time the people of England were happy visiting churches, attending mass and respectful of purgatory, then a lustful King forced them to abandon their religion. Alternatively the people of England were being led by corrupt church and the Tudors would eventually save them. Tudor turmoil was and is a deep dividing line between the souls of the people as their past was abandoned

Who was the Man for all seasons?

Where can you spot a memorial to the Marian Martyrs?

Where can you see one of the most important spots in English History , yet unmarked?

Factoid – Not single bible was printed in England during the reign of Bloody Mary as so many protestant printers fled abroad

Virtual Tour – The Roman City of London Daytripper’s guide

Roman London: built upon two Hills with the Walbrook river in-between

Which two hills was London built upon?

Where in the city was the Forum?

Just who was Boudicca?

According to mythology the earth was surrounded by a mighty sea called Oceanus –by extending the influence of Rome to the equivalent of outer space the Emperor Claudius was going against accepted wisdom – Britain was worthless and scary at the same time- If you know where to look experience the story of a Londinium, the threads that bind ancient and modern.

Factoid- Caligula sent an army to invade Britain except they failed take any boats – he ordered soldiers to pick up seashells as trophies won. Claudius ordered a successful invasion having brought some ships

Virtual Tour – The Saints and the City of London walking tour

City of London highlights with added saints!

This virtual tour is a annual favourite during Open House in September

Which saint is associated with the grandmother of parliaments?

Which saint is associated with the City gates?

Which saint had a chapel on a bridge?

The names of saints adorn the City of London. Veneration of saints filled a gap: saints days replaced many pagan festivals that were previously celebrated. Our virtual tour will use a variety of saints to access the City of London. This is a City of London highlights tour with a difference, let the saints guide us.

Factoid- It took 33 years to build the first stone London Bridge, and unfortunately the priest-architect Peter de Colechurch died before it was completed. Colechurch was buried in a cavity under the Chapel he built upon the bridge.

Virtual Tour: City of London central walking tour

A semi-circular walk for a square mile!

What exactly is a Cathedra?

Which park stars in a Hollywood movie?

Who are the starchitects?

When a man is tired of…too obvious, how about ‘I still love London, no matter what they do to it’ – Sir Michael Caine. Welcome to a virtual tour of the City between St Paul’s and Bank, taking a plethora of highlights such as The Cathedral, an open space, a preserved bomb site, a livery Hall and the battle of starchitects in a single street. Using maps, pictures and exciting commentary, this virtual tour will provide you with an instant hit of 2000 years of the City within a city. A personal encounter with layers of Londoners.

Factoid – Joseph Addison commented in The Spectator 1711:There is no Place in the Town which I so much love to frequent as the Royal-Exchange. It gives me a secret Satisfaction, and gratifies my Vanity.

Virtual Tour : Full circle – The City of London and it’s dead

From Roman cemeteries of Londinium to he City of London cemetery at Manor Park , the City has gone full circle. Burial and creamation Londiniun syle to burial and cremation at a Victorian necroplolis. The tour takes in The oldest Jewish cemetery in the city , various churches and their churchyards on the journey to the opening in 1856 of the City of London cemetery. Mentioning Cicero , Gregory the Great , John Newton , William Heywood and many others.

Where is the grave a Roman girl to be found in the City?

Howe were the dead killing the living?

What is a necropolis?

Factoid -Until 1177 all Jewish burials in England took place in Jews garden [now gone in the blitz] in the present day Barbican area

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