Secrets of London (East)

Uncover the secrets of history in this fascinating walk through East London’s hidden past.


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About the Secrets of London walking tour

Secret places, famous places, unassuming places. Most walk by without a glance.

Maybe, just maybe, a glance is all it needs for a thought to stir.

On this entertaining, enlightening and fascinating tour, your expert guide will reveal London’s secrets, once lost to time.

If you know where to look, the past can still communicate today its litany of secrets, and the hidden history buried beneath ancient streets and concealed by a city two-thousand years old.

If you know where to look…


The Club thoroughly enjoyed your guided walk, Secretive London, yesterday.  Very informative but a degree of light heartedness too went down very well.  Even though I have worked in Gresham Street for 21 years, there were a number of facts that I did not know, we all learnt something new. Many thanks and continue with your excellent tours.

Mark Wheeler

What to expect on the tour

Start time:

Leaving from:

Ending at:


St Paul’s Cathedral

Ending location

Key facts about the tour

This walking tour is xxx minutes long. You will walk approximately xxx miles and see 1,500 years of history.

Once you have experienced your tour you will be able to say you have seen:

  • St Ghastly Grim
  • Tiniest sculpture in the City
  • Church with a tube station in its crypt
  • Time and Tides
  • And so much more!

The fine horses at Mincing Lane by Althea Wynn are nicknamed Doller, Yen and Sterling.


Just some of the places you will see on your walk. What secrets do they hold?

Book your tickets now

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